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 Radar Application

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PostSubject: Radar Application   2016-02-15, 15:19

In-game Names: Radar / eRRox.| paterno -H- / ewo
U.S.G.N. Number: 151078
U.S.G.N. Name: 1tachi
Country: Dominican Republic
Date of Birth: 13 of february of 2000
Requested Rank: Inspector

Experience as Staff in another community/clan? Yes, [SaZ] and [DC], SaZ was a popular community. I was Mod2 / Super Moderator and on DC I was Game Master.
Why do you want join our Staff? I want to let the people respect the rules, otherwise they will be punished with a slap / kick (for hackers with a ban).
You agree to never abuse of your powers? I won't do such things like it.

Your English skills: 7/10
Tell us more about you: Hello, I'm Alex Cordova, I'm 16 Years old, I'm the owner of =[RoT]= Clan / Reborn Of Terror, and as someone knows, I'm a competitive player that want be higher than the good players are, I like play basketball and study.


=[RoT]= Leader / Radar
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Junior User

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PostSubject: Re: Radar Application   2016-02-18, 03:21

Hey Radar!
I know you're a nice guy, tomorrow we'll give you the Answer.

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Radar Application
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